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Kaya is so beautiful

Kaya is so beautiful

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Spoiled Girls


To the girl in a street corner

Spelling her name through cigarette smoke

I’d ask her if she dreams sweet in starry nights

To the girl trying to jump off a cliff

I’d ask her if she’s afraid of catching butterflies

Or afraid of snakes but not of dying

To the girl living on alcohol and amphetamine

I’d ask her if she’s forgotten the taste

Of pastries and Café au lait

And if she doses off to a reverie

Where a man goes down her neck

Instead of those pills and cigarettes

To the girl in ripped up jeans

Crop-tops, tube-tops

Slutty corsets, flashing bras

I’d ask her if she ever wanted frills, laces;

Ball gowns and stilettos

To the girl referred to as heartbreaker, bad bad girl

I’d ask her if there’s any boy

She still holds close to her heart to

Like a pendent hanging

If there’s any one song she plays on repeat

Over and over and over again

I want to write the stories of spoiled girls

I want to know who the fuck did this to them


"I want you to come live with me, and die with me, and everything with me."
---------------- Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita (via plaidjunkie)

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